Bubble Wrap

y'know what g?
bad keanu impressions aside, i think penelope is a bit tired from all this travelling on bitumen roads and concrete pathways.
nay sir, she is a mighty steed and tires not.
oh i'm pretty sure all this "clip-clopping" is giving her the shits.
nay and whinny.
her bowel movements are quite regular.
be that as it may, there's a nice park over there that i'm sure she'd be happy in.
perhaps but a great knight such as myself needs his mighty war beast, we have villainy to chastise after all.
batman would find a way.

by Goatlord

Richard "Wilko" Wilkins was presenting some AVATAR fluff piece the other week. They played a selection of clips from films starring Aussie actors who've "made it" in the Americas.

The names of the actors and the movies were superimposed at the bottom of each clip (for the benefit of all us morons) including Heath Ledger's Oscar winning role in DARK NIGHT.

I'm sure Wilko had nothing to do with proofing the supers but I think we should all blame him anyway. May the ghost of Jeff Goldblum strike him dead.

I shall now retire to my cupboard and await the next email from my younger brother listing my own egregious spelling and, no doubt, grammatical errors.