Bubble Wrap

where the hell did you get a gun, anyway?
from under wyatt's pillow.
he sleeps with a gun under his pillow?
he did.
you don't think he'll miss it, miss that someone's been in his room?
i don't care.
you don't care?
nope. mine now.
oh, well of course.
wyatt is no better than garry. i suppose you'll just pop a cap in his ass too.
if i have to.
penny no, this isn't you.
how could you possibly know that?
none of us know each other,
not really.
i know that without your help, the rest of us could never have survived for as long as we have. we owe you our lives penny.
yes you do and i intend to collect.

by Goatlord

I am known for the likement of cheese.

So I am told, anyway. Which is the way I like it (cheese).

Still on the laptop. I had hoped it would grow on me (thus enabling a human-machine interface hitherto unrealised) but no.

It shall be returned (along with the variable speed vibrator/hammer drill) to the rightful owner.

That'll learns me for burglarizing an old folks home.