Bubble Wrap

bob, the hardware store isn't going anywhere.
you didn't have to bring the whole place back with you.
i know. i got a little carried away but when i found the truck, i figured one big trip was better than lots of little ones...
uh huh.
here, i got you a mechanic's calendar.
mechanic's calendar?
you know,
like the ones mechanics have hanging up in their workshops.
no, i've never owned a car.
but i can see why they'd want one of these around.
this, is true beauty.
glad you like it.
hey, this is last year's calendar.
it was on special and i didn't think you'd be too worried about its accuracy of chronology.
fair point.

by Goatlord

Fair Points was a fashionable hairstyle common to the English gentry around the turn of the nineteenth century.

Its most recent incarnation has found to be quite popular with the white shoe wearing, closet dwelling real estate agent brigade.

Fads are quite interesting organisms.

More so since the removal of their little red behavioural modifiers and inevitable name change.

Who knew that these, seemingly harmless, seeming candies, fed to small children and diabetics, not in efforts to calm the noisy little bastards down or stave off hypoglycemic shock, but rather, to eradicate any possible threat of alien invasion and subsequent anal shenanigans from these most vicious, if not viscous, of intergalactic predators.

So to you Fag haters responsible for the rectal shenanigans in all our collective not-too-distant futures: I hope you all get kooties and your respective wobbly bits fall off, thbbbbbt!!