Bubble Wrap

it's not a very big dump truck.
tell that to the brick wall and that volkswagen over there.
i was unaware they were capable of such complex break-dancing manoeuvres.
bumblebee was.
true but he was a fictional comic book character.
i can't help but notice that the wall has been gently pushed over whilst you seem to have "gone to town" on the beetle.
i don't like nazis.
i'm fairly certain that it was mr porsche who designed the volkswagen.
no, it was hitler.
that's why they're called "hitler's revenge".
i don't think that is an actual fact.
it's definitely true.
there was this old guy who lived in the park near my place, he was infamous for punching out hippies.
an admirable pastime but...
they all drove volkswagens.
the old guy didn't like that.
i don't believe i've ever thought to equate hippydom with nazism. i like it.

by Goatlord

Who knew, eh?
Those long haired, flower loving freaks were responsible for one of the largest acts of genocide in history.

Frankly, I'm stunned-

-and running away as fast as my misshapen little legs will carry me.

No, wait. It's ok, the poor little vegans have all keeled over.

But their high priced lawyers (paid for with sellout money) have started throwing around words like "Kashyyyk" and "not fair, wah wah!"

I am left with no other option but to roll over and go back to sleep.

In hopes to dream of large women, of course.