Bubble Wrap

i'm gonna be a stud, aww yeah.
oh no, penny!
being clean isn't worth it, especially if you have to die afterwards!
i don't want you to die, penny!
i wanted to be your stud - no, bad thought.
are you ok, kumar?
am i ok?!
are you ok?
i'm fine.
not dying?
not right now.
good, that's very good. that clean suit makes you look good too-
-no, bad kumar.
what do you want?
oh, right. tyler is mostly finished downstairs so he sent me to find billy bob for-

by Goatlord

Bad thoughts abound, oh yes, abound.

I had no idea that cheese was made from Islamic persons. I wonder if the weird veiny stuff is made from extremists.

Perhaps I should stop typing now.

Please enjoy the next week of funny comics which I will be (as I'm sure you are all well aware of by now) wholly not responsible for.

I think I had a funny one back in April ('09 for those playing in the archives).

I'm pacing myself.