Bubble Wrap

you at least seem happier now.
i don't think we've ever joked around like this before.
there's a good reason for that.
your wife?
partially, but...
look, kumar, the details aren't all that important and, please, don't worry, you will soon be a man.
necessity being what it is, i fear that, in the coming years, boys will become men sooner than they really should.
i'm just saying that you shouldn't be in such a hurry to leave your youth behind, stay a kid for a little while longer.
let the grownups handle things and everything will be ok.
you don't know that for real.
i'm satisfied with my assurances. once this hydroponic setup is completed, all our worries will melt away.
-i'm almost done here.
do you think you could go and find billy bob, we'll need the next set of instructions before we go too much further.
sure ... i can do that.
god, let me be doing the right thing.

by Goatlord

Wyatt really is taking his time with those solar cells. That wacky guy, he's probably off trying to perfect his enviro-bong-suit design.

I'm almost finished Jeff Lindsay's Dexter in the Dark. The writing is exquisitely delicious.

I'm told you have to be either a "Dexter: the book" person or a "Dexter: the tv series" person. I'm just glad there is so much Dexter to go around.