Bubble Wrap

being smelly just means i'm a man now.
that's hardly a decent benchmark, kumar. there are more reliable methods.
oh, thanks a bunch tyler.
i suppose everyone else has had a go at me, why not you!
excuse me?
kumar's a virgin and he's going to die a virgin.
ha fuckin' ha.
that's not what i meant and besides, once this disease has run its course, a certain amount of repopulating will need to be done.
a strapping young lad, such as yourself, will be prime stud material, i'm sure.
do you really think so?
i have to believe that good things come to he who waits.
but that's what the 'shrooms are for, passin' the time man. i've never been so bored in all my life.
yes, all seventeen years of it, diddums.
tell me kumar, do you know what "impotent" means?
that's like one of those vip marquees at a rock festival, right?

by Goatlord

Maybe a little bit, eh eh?