Bubble Wrap

tyler, does billy bob seem different to you?
i think you'll find he's just sober, kumar.
could you hand me those instructions please.
you don't like the new billy bob?
he's ok, i guess. he's certainly full of new ideas.
he used to be more fun.
that's because your little group has been perpetually stoned since we got here.
i'll let you in on a little secret kumar - none of you are all that funny.
not even funny lookin'?
sorry kiddo, just dirty and smelly.

by Goatlord

Greetinks one and all.

You are now returned to the realm of the Smoke People. You lucky monkeys, you.

Remember all those weeks (months?) ago, when Dan announced that he'd created a new background for me? Well this is it. TADAAAAA!

It wasn't intended to be used as a mostly below ground farmhouse cellar but...

I've ruined it for everyone now, haven't I.

Goddamn it...