Bubble Wrap

males in any group will fight for alpha position
this was inevitable
what's with you man?
no one changes this much in just one day.
i have found that humans never change
you're not billy bob, are you?
where is he?!
he is currently fertilizing that small apple orchard yonder
i don't see him.
from the roots up
you mutha fucka!
oh, i'm gonna' enjoy this.
i understand in these situations
one is supposed to say
nigga please

by Goatlord

Our "please" and "thank-you"s are important.
Our (dis)courtesy to others defines us as a (less than) civilisation.

I'm just a big wanker, aren't I?

Well, back to the funny tomorrow (Dan gets back into the writer's chair). I hope this little sojourn with the smoke people wasn't too confusing for everyone. We'll probably go back to spying on the red and green guys next week. A far more saner piece of work...