Bubble Wrap

is it far from the farmhouse?
it is not within shouting distance garry
this will not be a short walk
suits me just fine.
we are some distance from your friends now
is this a suitable place for your needs
woah - what?
you intend to do my person harm
perhaps even commit murder
i'm just out here to find the 'shrooms, man.
perhaps but i think that is no longer your main objective
you're not normally this perceptive billy bob, it's a shame really.
that it is
i thought i might have been able to secure the lions share of work from you before it came to this
my little farming outpost project will take longer now

by Goatlord

Just Fine Suits M.E.

Meet Just, a wisecracking medical examiner who always gets his man. No evidence is too small for Just's eyes, he's awesome. But it's not all work for our square jawed hero, oh no, he has a softer side. More than anything, Just just wants to find love in this big, crazy, zombie filled city we all call H.O.M.E.

Tales from Herman the Overlord's Mansion Estate

The exciting new spin-off series from the eye explodingly popular children's programme Just Fine Suits M.E.

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