Bubble Wrap

welcome back g.
hello bob.
did you manage to find a good substitute?
not at all.
there is no more cheese to be had, it seems.
i found some spray cheese and managed to pack it into this old vegemite tube.
it might taste a little funky though, not withstanding it originally came out of a can.
g, thank you.
this is truly a wonderful gift.
don't thank me until you try it.
mmm, processed cheese.
nom nom nom.
i'm glad you like it.
that i do.
how did you get it in the tube?
i used old man wilson's foob packer.
old man wilson?
i don't know if he was an old man or not but, early on, we found a bunker underneath wilson's garage. it was stuffed full of foobs and a diy foob packer.
"we" found a bunker?
early on, yes.
you and i are still enjoying some of the spoils from it.
but "we"?
just enjoy your cheese bob.

by Goatlord

Dext3rLuva: hail to the CHEESE!
BigcH33z3: Um ... hi(?)
Dext3rLuva: i like cheese
BigcH33z3: That's nice.
Dext3rLuva: do u like cheese?
Dext3rLuva: ?
BigcH33z3: Sure, who doesn't?
Dext3rLuva: i like what ur wearing
BigcH33z3: Excuse me?
Dext3rLuva: does ur mommy make u clean up aftr u make messes?
BigcH33z3: I've got work to do. Go annoy someone else.
Dext3rLuva: i like to flush my messes down the toilet
Dext3rLuva: bye bye don't have to think about u enymor
Dext3rLuva: mommy was 2 big 2 flush tho
BigcH33z3: Leave me alone!
Dext3rLuva: i imagined her into little pieces and she flushed just fine then
Dext3rLuva: just like a litttle mommy whirlpool
BigcH33z3: GO AWAY!
Dext3rLuva: wifi is gr8!!1
BigcH33z3: ...
Dext3rLuva: Do you understand the importance of keeping your home wireless internet connection secure?
BigcH33z3: What?!
Dext3rLuva: Those wire rims really bring out your eyes. Much like that spork you used for dinner will in about 27 seconds

Just remember kiddies, it's all fun and games...