Bubble Wrap

i don't suppose you found any food on your overnight travels?
i discovered a small apple orchard hidden a goodly walk aways
so you found some sacks and brought back as many apples as you could carry?
what little had grown had been left to rot and be picked over by wildlife
i brought back some seeds
give them time and they may just be
i know, i know.
i do like your farming idea but i can't help but think we've left our run too late.
fear not penny
the time will soon come when you will no longer worry about food
i hope so.
maybe then we could think about wasting time cleaning our suits.
or reading porn!
eat me!

by Goatlord

Little known fact #347:

It was actually Sir Isaac Newton's rival, Phineas Sackthwacker, who brought to the world the many scientific discoveries attributed to Newton after he (Sackthwacker) discovered Newton's corpse lying under an apple tree.
Phineas promptly appropriated Newton's identity and research. When asked why, he stated that all he ever wanted in life was to watch a teen beauty queen snort snuff from his engorged member and that by exploiting the fame garnered when he "procured" Newton's identity was the only way his dream would ever be realised. Phineas stated further that he regretted nothing.

Mr Sackthwacker has since been posthumously arrested on charges of fraud, identity theft and three hundred and eighty-seven counts of interfering with a minor.

He is currently awaiting trial.