Bubble Wrap

that boy is incorrigible.

i doubt he even knows where the outhouse is anyway.
how are magazines supposed to help us out?
apart from the pornography
there are many old issues of a local farmers almanac
contained within is a great deal of useful information that the group should benefit from
none of us are farmers,
billy bob.
i believe i have the basics down but it can be something we can all learn together
the food situation certainly would benefit from our collective understanding
it sounds like something i'd not be against.
to begin with
i would like us to attempt to build a hydroponic garden in the cellar
kumar has been suggesting a hydroponic setup for a while now but he wasn't suggesting we grow food.
most of the required materials should be found on the farm
we may have to search further afield for the solar cells and extra batteries
if you think it can be done then, by all means.
i really wasn't looking forward to starving to death.
nor i
have you got a cold?
i do not believe so
you just seem different, is all.
did you get high when you were out scavenging?
perhaps that's it then. i think you've been constantly on something since you arrived.
the new billy bob is certainly more confident.
he has his uses

by Goatlord

The many uses of Billy Bob

If you liked Deliverance...

Filthy boy! I must now clean up my act, cut my hair and get a real job.

I last had my hair cut in November (not the hot doll) of '92 ... I think.

As usual, I was incapable of communicating with another human, in this case, a human with hair cuttin' type scissors so I ended up sporting the fleetingly popular "Billy Ray".

Humiliations galore.

Long story longer - I've not been back.

It just turns grey then falls out in the shower anyway.