Bubble Wrap

okay! i've got a box of 'vitamin enforced steak and veg' for me, and a couple of boxes of 'bacon and bacon' for fly.
this should keep us alive for a month or so. we'll have to come back and get more.
i wonder how fly is doing with distracting our young lady friend.
so,.. uh,... how do you keep people from stealing from your food stores?
you son of a,...
um,.. i mean,.. hypothetically,.. how,.. do you,..

by Dan

I was playing with a pun today. Basically mucking around with the phrase 'save her for later' or 'save her felator'. But you can't felate a 'her'.

I changed it around to 'save him for later' but then you need 'save his felator'. You can't do the joke. It doesn't seem to work. her = her but him = his.

Darn English. Cutting me off at every turn.