Bubble Wrap

kumar, have you seen billy bob?
nope, not since yesterday.
he's probably found another patch of "special" mushrooms and just lost track of time.
i realise this but winter is rapidly approaching and if everyone doesn't pull their weight and find a more permanent supply of foob,
we're screwed.
he'll be back sooner or later and besides,
you can eat me anytime penny.
in your dreams kumar.
twice a night baby,
awesome it is!
you're a disgusting little boy.
i bet if i was to ever take you up on any of your lurid offers, you'd run a mile in the other direction.
there's only one way to find out.
what a shame we're stuck in these suits.
why don't you take your mind off it by making sure all the traps are set in the store room.
but that's billy bob's job.
and billy bob isn't here,
off you go.
that donkey puncher better save me some 'shrooms.
lord give me strength.
i never wanted to be a mother and now...
humans can be trying at times
goddamnit billy bob, is that you?!
yes penelope
i am william roberts

by Goatlord

Do the special mushrooms get their own school bus?

Bob likes cheese, primarily, because cheese is awesome but also because I like cheese.
Mmmm, a nice crumbly vintage cheddar and some tasty Bundaberg rum ... brb
Nummy :)

What? Right, Bob and cheese.
However, Billy Bob and Kumar appear to enjoy the juice of the 'shroom, as it were.
I believe mushrooms are evil incarnations of naughty persons which should only ever be fed to the neighbour's pets/children.
Does this mean I'm growing as a writer or perhaps just growing?
I do live mostly in the dark and only ever eat shi...

This is no good.