Bubble Wrap

just out of curiosity, how did you find us?
i am merely responding to your distress signal
distress signal?
i doubt i would have seen it
if not for the difficulties my vehicle was giving me
a pillar of thick black smoke is what caught my eye
ah, the smoke.
that wasn't exactly a call for help.
my apologies william roberts
i had assumed that anyone garbed as we are would have to be very desperate for help if they were to be lighting fires
very desperate or, in this case, deeply stupid.
a newcomer to our group, by the name of jenkins, had decided to wow us with his "extensive" survival training by building a large bonfire.
jenkins made a very good fire.
that would account for all the black smoke
he was smoldering for days.

by Goatlord

Fire is a fickle creature.
One minute it is cooking your dinner, the next it is consuming the neighbour's dog. For some of us, they are one in the same.
We lucky few.