Bubble Wrap

this strange disease is no longer such a big mystery to the likes of you and i.
we now know that everyone who caught this disease - why don't we call it "yellow fever" from now on?
i think there's already one called that.
pity, it fits ... mostly.
better yet, we'll call it "yellow ninjitis".
...why is that better?
because of the final stage, man!
we both know that the incubation and duration of the disease is not the same for all who contract it.
everyone afflicted is not merely in some irreversible coma. the people we see everyday are but "stragglers", if you will. their turn will come.
...when they've progressed to the final stage of the disease?
and this final stage is called?
you understand, don't you?
i believe i do and if this is how i made you feel all those times you had to take a nap ... i'm very, very sorry.
i'll be in my bunk.
that's right, stick your head in the sand! ignore the real issue!

by Goatlord

Bob is a trained professional.
Kids, don't stick your head in the sand. It's awfully hard to breathe down there. Unless you're awesome. We all know that pretending to breathe is just something the Awesome do to make us "normies" not feel too bad about ourselves.