Bubble Wrap

is this true? the virus is ineffective?
by the breath of,...
my brethren! come and see! the infidels have brought to us our redemption. blessed are we, the meek. we have inherited the earth.
he speaks the truth!
cast off the suits my many brothers and sisters, for today we are free!
ahhh, let us breathe deeply the air that god has kept for us.
what? what am i missing?
all of the members of the brethren have cast off their suits.
well, yes, but,..
have you ever seen a naked christian? well, these are ten times worse.

by Dan

My friend Amanda once lived with a man hating lesbian. She only barely put up with my presence in the house. Until the day that a Blue Tongued lizard made it's way into the bathroom. Then who did they call?

They called The Man!

Oh, and I took yesterday off. It was a public holiday but that's only a co-incidence.