Bubble Wrap

i don't want to play anymore fly. i'm too miserable.
no, not that. how are you feeling?
i'm dying fly. how do you want me to feel?
well, yes,.. but,.. do you feel like you're dying?
what? why?
only, when,..
when everyone else died it happened really quickly. they were dead within a couple of hours.
it's been almost a day since i removed your appendix.
maybe the virus doesn't work anymore, and if we know that and these religous guys don't, then maybe we can somehow use that knowledge to our advantage.
i spy,...
,..with my little eye,..
,..something beginning with 'g'.

by Dan

Oh man! It's already dusk and it's only 5:24pm. I hate this time of year. I miss sunlight. How can I get seasonal disaffection disorder when I live in Queensland? It's not like I live in Scotland or something.