Bubble Wrap

do you think there's foob left over in the warehouse?
i don't see why there wouldn't be. it would have had thousands of packs in there when everyone died.
there may have been some ransacking but,... well,.. i guess we'll find out.
*sniff* ahhh,. i can practically smell it already.
indeed. although the only thing i can smell,...
oh my god! why can i smell? do i have a hole in my suit?
well, i did just remove your appendix.

by Dan

There's been a lot of discussion on Facebook and it's recent changes to its Terms and Conditions. Everyone is worried because they seem to say that Facebook gains ownership of each and every item of content that appears on the site, to do with what they want, in perpetuity.

This is clearly, fucking nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that when you post anything on the internet you're letting it out of Pandora's box. There is no getting the Genie back into the bottle. If you remove something from Facebook everyone in your friends list has had access to it already and can easily repost it.

The new change to the Terms and Conditions only goes to reflect that they are not going to get in trouble for publishing that on the Facebook site.