Bubble Wrap

phew. lucky that horse came along when it did or it would have been dark by the time we got home.
regardless, it's a beautiful night and i believe we'd planned to-
you want me to sleep on the couch?! where is this coming fr-
oh, so he puts on one parlour trick and-
oh look at me everybody!
i'm the incredible mind reading, cheese eating, exploderer of giraffes!
i don't care what he said. he probably isn't real but this, you and me baby, this is real.
i'll "baby" you if i want!
fine, if that's the way it's going to be!
no, i don't think i'll be getting any bread or milk while i'm out.
low fat, sure, whatever.

by Goatlord

Want milk that tastes like real milk?
Bite the udder off a cow and enjoy!
Awesome doesn't even begin to describe the experience because you're right, it's a whole different shade of nasty (with an sty not a zi) and noisy and just a little too stampy for the liking of most everyday persons.