Hi. Dan here. This is a wacky adventure I put into effect about five years ago.
It was always quite popular.
Enjoy both the display and that fact that my hair doesn't look like that anymore.
So without any further ado I present,....

Making Private Compan-yan
The mission is a chick.

The Problem:
    I'm bored and lonely. I can't concentrate on my work. I want to go out and meet someone new.

The Solution:
    Define a point in the city of Brisbane (Australia) at random. Visit said place. Find something there to validate coming.

The Plan:
    Make a random number generator. Feed in the number 42 into the seed. Use the generator to find a page number and grid reference to my refedex (street map book). Also use the generator to find a street number (just in case).

The Result:
    15 Huntingdale street. PullenVale.
Uh oh. It's in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this was a dumb idea. (beat) NO bugger it, I'm going to figure out how to do this. erm... 18 kms away. hmm.

The Route:
    I'm deciding to ride my bike out to the Yeerongpilly trainstation, then catch a train out to Indooroopilly, then ride down Moggill road.