So here is one of my first attempts to be funny. I was 20. It was the late 90s. I was not good at being funny. There is certainly stuff in here which is problematic. I keep it here to both be transparent and as a reminder to always aim to be better. - Dan 2018

Making Private Compan-yan
The mission is a chick.

The Problem:
    I'm bored and lonely. I can't concentrate on my work. I want to go out and meet someone new.

The Solution:
    Define a point in the city of Brisbane (Australia) at random. Visit said place. Find something there to validate coming.

The Plan:
    Make a random number generator. Feed in the number 42 into the seed. Use the generator to find a page number and grid reference to my refedex (street map book). Also use the generator to find a street number (just in case).

The Result:
    15 Huntingdale street. PullenVale.
Uh oh. It's in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this was a dumb idea. (beat) NO bugger it, I'm going to figure out how to do this. erm... 18 kms away. hmm.

The Route:
    I'm deciding to ride my bike out to the Yeerongpilly trainstation, then catch a train out to Indooroopilly, then ride down Moggill road.