My Pov-ray include files.

Nebula version 1.21
Tiny Nebula
Nebula is an include file I wrote to create an aesthetic 2d background for space scenes in Povray.
It can be used with antialiasing on and can be used for animations without flickering.
This file has been pretty much outdated by Chris Colefax's galaxy include file
but it is a lot easier to use with Moray 3.0. You just need to put the nebback.png file into your
export directory and include the file in the moray settings.
Download 39k

Tower version 1.0
click her for a fullscreen demo

Tower is an executable file made with basic that asks for the specific measurements of your column
including lower radius, upper radius and bricks per level.
From this information it creates a Povray include file and a Moray .udo file.
Download 40k
Download the source file newtower.bas