F#@$ You, My Darling!
created by Dan Beeston.
' Period Film '
written by
:Monigue says: would you like to watch a generic period film?
:Tyler says: oh, i hate those! why is it that whenever a women coughs, it ends up being the onset of a fatal illness.
,Tyler coffee.,Monique query.
:Monigue says: what?
:Tyler says: you watch! a little *caff caff* 20 minutes in and you just know that she’ll be dropped into a hole 60 minutes later.
,Tyler talk.,Monique shock.
:Monigue says: you have no heart.
:Tyler says: i mean, don’t these people have vitamin c? eat a frickin’ orange for god’s sake.
:Monigue says: i wish i could drop you into a hole.
,Tyler news.,Monique talk.
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