F#@$ You, My Darling!
created by Dan Beeston.
' The day of the NOSE! '
written by
:Monigue says: do you know what today is tyler?
:Tyler says: oh wow, thanks, i’d almost forgotten. today is
the day of the nose.
,Tyler talk.,Monique query.
:Tyler says: it’s the day the whole world celebrates your filthy, enormous, wart ridden, nose!
:Monigue says: excuse me but my nose is dainty and precious.
:Tyler says: well... it is now.
,Tyler slygrin.,Monique talk.
:Tyler says from offstage: it’s the day of the nose, the day of the nose, hooray for today as it’s the day of the nose!
:Monigue says: no dancing on the coffee table, bacon boy.
,Tyler none.,Monique talk.
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