The Best Movies of 2006

written by Dan
Well, this year’s going to be heavily biased as I haven’t really seen a lot of films since ’The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Broke my Heart. I took less risks this year and only really got to the cinema a dozen times if that.

’An Inside Job’ was quite fun. I’m a big fan of heist films and this one was a delight to watch. Tony Martin reckons that it was done better in the first ten minutes of ’Quick Change’ with Bill Murray but I reckon this was not the case.

’Monster House’. In a year of dumb arse CGI films that are merely cashing in on how stupid kids are we find an extremely clever story from Speilburg and Zemekis.

’Thank you for Smoking’. Brilliant writing, clever and insightful commentary. This film was excellent. Everything I’d hoped it would be and more.

I recently watched ’The Prestige’. It’s not a contender, but it was okay. A bit predictable, but nice and dark.

But now, the Best film of 2006 is,...



A low budget american film that was actually released over there years ago but only just made it out here on DVD. Possibly it was released 2005 in a limited run locally but that’s neither here nor there. It introduced me to such an ingenius way of dealing with time travel. The creators of Lost in Space should take heed.

I’m not sure I’ve ever finished watching a film then immediately re-watched it before. I still don’t know what happened, but I’m going to buy it and watch it over and over again until I do.
posted at 7:54 am Tuesday January 09 2007