Half plus Seven

written by Dan
If you’re a sixteen year old boy and you sleep with your fifteen year old girlfriend I believe that this makes you a sex offender. Now if you’re only separated in age by two months then this really doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I propose that the government makes the common sense rule of ’half your age plus seven’ an offical law.

So, I’m 30. Half my age is fifteen, plus seven, means that I can have consensual sex with a 22 year old. Now my wife is 25, so this is okay. The two times that I’ve broken that rule I really did think twice about doing so and I wondered whether this was something that I should do. (I then went ahead with it anyway Ah bow Chicka Bow Wow! but enough online boasting)

A seventeen year old isn’t going to think twice if he gets the chance to sleep with a (17/2+7) 15 and a half year old but he will about a 14 year old. This also means that if you’re 30 you can’t hook up with an eighteen year old and that Hugh Hefner can only get together with women who are 47 or older. It’s not yet a crime that he gets to sleep with all those 22 year olds but it sure as hell should be.

Cause it’s just not fair.
posted at 4:16 am Saturday December 16 2006