Supan Over

written by Dan
Okay, So much stuff.

Supanova!! Yes it’s done. I was hardly going to break even as I did a slightly bigger run of Genesis 2. (Hmm, I should pay for them at some point). It was a shame, that Danny Z decided at the last moment to move the artist’s alley from next to the front door down to the arse end of the basement. So I had a better product this year and made $30 less. Suck!

I have a crap load of comics left over and I’m working on installing a store to the site.

I’ve found some fun stuff.
A lesson is learned is genius.
Tony Martin’s new radio podcast

I’ve recently gotten keen on my adventure game again. I had about two months off but now I’m all keen again.

I’m sure I had more,...

I’ve been playing squash. Doing impro, erm,...
Oh, It was my birthday. I turned 30. I got the first three seasons of Red vs Blue. Yay!
Some chuck Palunuik Books.
Family guy series 4.
Arrested development season 2.

posted at 4:47 am Thursday May 25 2006