Best Movie of 2005

written by Dan
Every year I like to choose my favorite film of the year. My own personal Oscars. Readers of the original ’Lilley Street’ site may even remember me awarding my favorites in years gone by.

Let’s walk down memory lane for a moment.

Six awards for the last six years

In 1999 we saw the Matrix. Bullet Time is so cooool. Heavy opposition this year too. It was up against the ’Sixth Sense’ and ’Fight Club’. I choose Matrix because of it’s rewatchability. Funnily enough, the sequels left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’ve only wathced it a handful of times. As opposed to ’Fight Club’ which I’ve seen so many times now, that it’s sure to be mentioned in a court case should I have one.

2000? No contest. The Iron Giant was released and it’s such a superb demonstration of story-telling that nothing could stand in it’s way. Brad Bird is a genius, and this film is my all-time favorite film ever.

2001. We had some great Australian films. ’The Man who sued God’ and the best Ozzie film ever, ’The Bank’. But The Bank was pipped at the post by ’Monsters inc’. In my opinion, the best Pixar film so far.

2002. I got messed up with dates and discovered that I’d missed out on selecting for this year but luckily I discovered that ’About a Boy’ was this year. It should win for the soundtrack alone which is in my most played albums list in iTunes.

2003. A year of nothing special until the final week and suddenly ’Lost in Translation’ came along and charmed the pants off me. Also the same year I went travelling around the world so it felt a little personal to me.

2004. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. Jim Carrey at his absolute finest narrowly edges out Pixar’s first outing with Brad Bird, The Incredibles.

,... and now, with no more hestitation,.. The winner of Dan Beeston Best Film of 2005,....

2006 award (empty)

Sweet Diddly!

Nothing I saw this year was as good as ’The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ was supposed to be, so the award this year will remain black, in memorandum of the film that should have been great.

And I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.
posted at 4:41 am Tuesday January 31 2006