written by Dan
I’ve been wasting a lot of time listening to podcasts recently. Sadly none of them at The Monster Feet Variety Show. C’mon Carrington,.. Get your act together.

The Dr Karl Radio show
Dr Karl is the Julias Sumner Miller fellow and answers science questions. 40 min per week.

Benjamin Walker’s Theory of Everything
Sometimes brilliant, sometimes a little dull. Depends on the subject. 29 minutes a week

Geeks On
A handful of geeks get together each week to chat about geeky things. I’m totally addicted to this thing. They go for about an hour and a half and it’s the only media of any sort that I know of that’s made multiple reference to ’Talisman, The Magical Quest Game’.

Speaking of which,.. Why not try the game Online

Geeks on even did an an audio summary of Star Wars 3 Which is how I found them in the first place.

If your still not all linked out why not try the coolest School performance ever,.. It’s Mario Brothers on the Maribas
posted at 2:33 am Saturday November 26 2005