written by Dan
You may well have noticed a new writer on the team here. It turns out that Goatlord was taking some short cuts in some of his writing and getting the input of our younger brother Jon. You’ll see that some of his old cartoons have the name stumpybear in the title. These are the ones that he merely edited. So please feel free to welcome Stumpybear to the team and don’t be too afraid that his writing is so much like Goatlord’s.

Also, Jeremy assures me that he’s very, very close to actually doing some more strips. Feel free to put as much pressure as you want on him.

Genesis 2 has been going quite well and it’s nice to hear that some evolutionary students and a biology teacher have had a look and don’t think it’s absolutely ridiculous.

Here are some thing that I like and have been involving myself in recently. Mythbusters, Family Guy, K-Pax, Beatbox-TV, Myst4, Cascade Light, Faucault’s pendulum, phi, The Monster Feet Variety Show, Electric Six, 1984.
posted at 7:55 am Saturday July 23 2005