Friggin’ Thankless Trekkies

written by Dan
So apparently some Sci-fi program has been cancelled after four seasons. There’s been some sort of outcry about it being unfair. These wankers have been treated to decades of this star trek story and they keep getting more and more series’ created for them. Something like eleven movies so far,.. Six different television series on, some at the same time.

New Star Trek is not your God-given right.

Now for the love of Pete, go out get some exercise. Read of couple of comic books while you wait for the next iteration of the same old story. Or, watch Battlestar gallactica, or Firefly, or FUCK any one of two million sci-fi shows at your disposal. Jesus, Read a fucking book, Or learn to cook. Join a sailing club, or find out how to rock climb.

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time. Turn off the damn TV.
posted at 1:23 am Tuesday March 08 2005