100 Strips

written by Dan
Wow! Yesterday afternoon marks 100 strips of FYMD. I feel like I should have champagne and party poppers. Congrats to Goatlord, Jeremy and well hey, Me. That’s 100/365ths of a year, done.

I’m not quite sure how many people are reading the strip. It’s hard to judge as you can read more than one strip per page, but I’ve got the feeling that there’s at least a hundred readers. Thanks for sticking your head in here occasionally guys. It’s much appreciated.

Hey! Something weird. My stats tell me that there are more than twice and many people reading the strip with Netscape than with Internet Explorer. Now that seems pretty nuts to me, but there’s no mention of Firefox in my stats so I think it’s a misreading. Whatever the case may be, it means that over one in four of my readers is not using Internet Exporer. Oh, I’m so proud of you all :)
posted at 11:27 pm Sunday February 27 2005