Movie awards 2007

written by Dan
It’s that time of year again. A brand new year and hopefully the films will be a little better this year than last. Okay, so I haven’t seen as many as I once did, and I’m sure there were a couple of gems in there that I didn’t even hear about, but I really didn’t see much that impressed.

I did however see two of the top three grossing movies of the year. Transformers in the third position was quite abominable. Full of ’Fan Service’ but lacking in any useful narrative, or even consistency. Transformers was about the characters of the robots interacting. In this film I could barely tell them apart.

The top position was held by Spiderman 3 which was better than the dull and melodramatic number two, but such a mess of ideas that I really didn’t get the thrills that I did from the first one.

So, Did I see anything I liked this year? Well, yes. Pixar has been letting me down more than they used to. Cars was surprisingly shallow and Finding Nemo was close to being dull. Ratatouille (Man, there’s a lot a letters in that) was a more decent romp but you can tell it’s not the passion of the person who finished it.

Brad Bird (Who is a genius) took over from the previous producer when the film just wasn’t ’clicking’. He’s created a pleasant diversion but nothing on the calibre of ’The Incredibles’ or ’Iron Giant’.

I also caught ’Stranger that Fiction’ with Will Ferrell. That is one charming and quirky film that deserves to be on this list. Whoever thought that Will Ferrell could be funny?

But the ’Dan Beeston’ award for best film of 2007 goes to,..

’HOT FUZZ’ with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

I lost interest in ’Sean of the Dead’ around half-way through when it became more about being a zombie movie. In Hot Fuzz the same problem exists where the comedy becomes more of an action film. Luckily I enjoy action films a lot more than zombie films.

If you’ve not seen Hot Fuzz yet, get yourself down to the DVD store and hire it out. It’s the British doing what they do best. (Except for killing Zulus)

This coming year, I’m actually excited about some films. ’I am Legend’, ’Cloverfield’, ’Wall-E’, ’Hancock’. We’ll see. Maybe I’m so often disappointed because I’m going to the wrong type of film.

Now enjoy some ’How To’ videos that can help with your relationship.

posted at 12:46 am Wednesday January 02 2008