Eternal Holiday

written by Dan
I work for myself doing web design. (Don’t look at the underlying code to this site for an example. It’s very old) It’s good because I can take time off whenever I want, but bad because I never do.

When I was working for ’The Man’ though. I was getting holiday pay. For every year of work you’d get four weeks off. At least, that’s how it used to be. Now they work it out to the minute. So for every forty hours you work for, you get 2.6 hours holiday or something like that.

Now the real joy is that if you’ve made forty hours of holiday and you take forty hours of work off, for those forty hours you’re still earning holiday pay. So at the end of that forty hours you’ve earned 2.6 hours. At the end of that 2.6 hours, you’ve made approximately 12 minutes. At the end of that twelve minutes you’ve made 45 seconds,.. etc etc.

And thus my theorem of Xeno’s Holiday where your holiday lasts forever.

Congrats to my friend Mike who had his short film ’Copy’ hit quarter of a million hits on you-tube. Also congrats to Dave who now has 16 year old girls falling all over themselves in the comments.

Mike also keeps me abreast of the good stuff and he pointed out a series of sketches that I quite liked from a duo called Michell and Webb.
posted at 10:18 pm Tuesday November 20 2007