Bubble Wrap

just put it down
now back up!
fuck you fly!
i'm going home.
aw! hang around professor maybe you can have the left-overs of my delicous tube of,...
watermelon and garlic?!!

by Dan

It's that time again. Time for Dan's favourite film of the year.

I went to the cinema a little more often than usual this year but still only really caught the big name films.

'I am Legend' was fun but jumped far too quickly into the whole zombie/vampire thing. Both endings were also un-satisfying.

I loved 'Cloverfield'. I don't get motion-sick and I love the sense of characters on the peripheral of the action trying to make sense of what's going on. IT was almost everything I'd hoped for in the film although I was under the impression going in, that it was to be edited together footage of the events from multiple point of view in a manner that was close to being a documentary. I'll be fascinated to see what they do with the next one.

Pixar did a brilliant job of their most recent venture 'Wall-E'. The decisions in there were as spellbinding as their animation always is. It stopped short of being perfect in my mind because the story was just a little too simple.

I didn't even bother with Hancock after hearing the reviews. Life is too short.

'The Dark Knight' was especially disappointing for reasons that I won't repeat here for fear that the rest of the world will hate me forever.

'Ironman' was probably the best Superhero film I've seen since Superman II. It was a rollicking adventure that never failed to engage. It's nice to see a film where there's a certain sense of clever solving of problems at the end rather than just beating the shit out of some one because the hero 'has heart' or some such nonsense.

And when a box-office superhero film wins my favourite film of the year award, you know it's been a slow year for film.

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