Bubble Wrap

herman and suzy left an old nebraska town once...
herman. suzy. my bestest of friends. it's so-
wait ... did you hear that? hmmm, do you know if growling is part of ninja training?
no, that's not what i meant.
oh, it's probably nothing.
sorry, what?
didn't we have this conversation?
i thought we had this conversation?
no no, i certainly appreciate you not doing so.
the name bob has always annoyed ever living frack out of me. sure, it's hi-larious when joss whedon did it but it just...
oh, whatever. it was only ever the donkey fellators who wanted to call me bob anyway.
y'know what would be awesome? if everyone in the world named bob contracted a mysterious illness and died an agonizing death.
oh, even better, if they were hunted down by a crazed serial killer who implanted them with carnivorous, giraffe foeti then filmed the gruesome inevitable for my viewing pleasure.
yes, i've been told i have "issues."

by Goatlord

Nono will be a small robot friend of Ulysses ... so I'm told.

Speaking of issues, is it wrong to have a picture of someone else's wife's insides on top of your computer case?