Bubble Wrap

is it true?
is he back?
yeah, that's why i've-
-no, billy bob.
you haven't seen him yet?
don't worry penny,
it's probably a good thing.
it's really not.
i've been so worried tyler.
i thought i'd-
that we would never see him again.
i'm pretty sure he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he came for.
he doesn't seem much like a "head for the hills" type of guy.
of course not.
i was just so sure that garry was going to, to...
penny, he's not the same billy bob we used to know. he doesn't have anything to fear from garry.
you don't know that tyler.
you don't know what garry is capable of.
i know where our suits came from.

by Goatlord

K-Mart, I is a-bettink.