Bubble Wrap

i wonder what it smells like out here
with the amount of decay out here? just be thankful that we're in these suits
how does smell work anyway?
tiny molecules constantly break off most surfaces. those particles land in your nasal passage.
so when you smell someone's fart?
trace amounts of fecal matter landing in your nose.
that's fucked up
so if some chick says
"you smell nice"
she's also saying "i like it when you're inside of me".
that doesn't count as consent
that's for the courts to decide, 'g'

by Dan

I met a fascinating bus driver tonight. Of the handful of stories he told, the one I had the most trouble believing involved a beautiful women getting onto the bus then walking up to the middle seat at the back of the bus. She sat down, hitched up her skirt and proceeded to give him a 'show' in his rear view mirror.

At the end of the trip (he said) she came up to the front of the bus and said "Well, did you enjoy the show?". He responded "I'm sure I don't know what you mean." She looked downcast and he said "But I'll be doing this route again this time next week. Perhaps I'll see you then."

Absolute nonsense of course. The ramblings of a bus driver who's been working long shifts and there's not enough to keep him mentally engaged.

Then a woman on a scooter drove past the bus wearing no pants.