Bubble Wrap

herman and suzy:
no one knows what lies behind their masquerades!
morning herman. suzy.
those tans are really coming along.
no, i'm not being shy, i just don't feel comfortable taking the suit off just yet. i've been wearing it for ... i don't know, it feels like forever.
it's become like a second skin. a skin where my nose is on the inside.
why do i spend so much time outside then? well, to see you guys for one. i'd probably go mad if i didn't have any human contact.
also, i don't know what it is but, whenever i start to feel a little ill, i find that just standing outside, drinking in the sun's rays, i feel so much better.
well, nice talking to you as always. i thought i'd try a little ninja spotting today, toodles.

by Goatlord

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