Bubble Wrap

we now return to understanding you with your friendly neighbourhood corpses,
herman and suzy...
hey guys. y'know, i've been thinking about all your neighbours who've been disappearing and i think i've come up with an explanation.
ninja classes.
yes really.
it's perfect, it explains everything. they've been secretly learning the ancient art of ninjitsu, mail order or whatever.
now that they've graduated, we cannot see them anymore. not if they don't want us to anyways. i told you they were jerks.
yeah, they're all like:
"master, you called?"
and ... and robert, you play the part of "master."
*sigh* fine.

"yes grasshopper, where is your place?"
"my place is no longer here, master."
"very good grasshopper.
i have nothing more to teach you.
go forth and be stealthy."
and scene.
now do you see, you doubting hermans and suzys, it explai-
dude, you're standing on suzy's arm. australia says no.
yeah, because that's the problem here.

by Goatlord

Because they just haven't been long enough lately ... said the scout master to-

Anyhoo, this week's comics will be brought to you by the fine craftspersons (persons made from craft) of the Bundaberg Rum Distillery. I'm just sampling their new "Bundaberg Red", the first rum to be filtered through Australian Red Gum (a tree) and if they wish to sponsor the further adventures of Robert the Red of Bubble Wrap fame, that'd be ok with me.