Bubble Wrap

hey! you found anything yet.
you jahst mahst come to the uhpening of my new play.
you found alcohol?
it's toilet cleaner.
and the olive?
is not an olive.
so, i'm assuming i don't want to know?
can you just laugh so i can get rid of this horrible thing please?

by Dan

Congratulations to my friend Nat who's been basically working non stop for the last five months on getting the Brisbane Arts Theatre back on it's feet.

She's worked behind the scenes for over a year getting media attention and she turned the place around by engaging a brand new youth demographic with the success of 'He died with a felafel in his hand".

Since then she's been in Impro shows, directed and appeared in an encore season of Felafel. She then instigated the creation of the sequel. She had a major hand in editing the new play and had a non-trivial part to play in the writing of it.

She's just finished a very successful run of that show and finally, after all that time, she deserves a break.

Kudos to you @girlclumsy. A job well done.