Bubble Wrap

anyone would think you want to starve to death!
ok, "i" think...
g, you may want to die but i don't. you need to forgive yourself for whatever you think you've done before you take me with you.
i really wish you'd snap out of it.
you really shouldn't.
whatever dude.
you stare at your cooked pussy while i go and grab your tool so i can get us something to eat.
hee hee.

by Goatlord

So there's that...

And speaking of razor blades. In "reality" they are more likely to float to the ground than fall heavily with a weighty "metal on floor" foley effect. The TV lies!

I am firmly from the disposable razor generation. I missed out on the "cut-throat razor" and "replaceable blade" eras, though, if I was so inclined (I could fashion some wedges to help myself right), I could purchase some "old timey" apparatus but I just bought the pack of ten Wilkinson Sword and some bandages and band-aids for the inevitable.

They are so thin, as they should be. I was just expecting something with a bit more ... heft? I wanted that TV "ching" when they fall to the floor.

The pack of ten is neatly presented. Each blade individually wrapped.

I test one on its own wrapper. Clean and true.

I realise how completely fucking stupid I am and proceeded to drown myself in distilled spirits, perhaps in search of my own.

Because, really, unless all dignity has been lost, one should never attempt these things whilst intoxicated.