Bubble Wrap

alright g.
what's the plan?
first thing's first.
we're going to get an oozy tin can.
where from?
check the kitchen here. maybe there's something in a cupboard.
moments later
oh awesome!!
i found some police radios.
those might come
in handy.
now we can listen to police broadcasts.
from who, fly?
duh! the radio!
this whole 'last men on earth' thing is still giving you trouble isn't it fly?
hello come in?
hammer down ten-four?

by Dan

Hey! My friend @girlclumsy has put on a brand new play based on @JohnBirmingham's novel 'The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco'.

I've not yet seen it but if you like Cheech and Chong films, or any of the very popular 'Scary/Date/Epic/Teen Movie' films, or South Park, or Harold and Kumar, or have just lived in a disgusting share house then you may well get an enormous amount out of this play.

It runs until the 15th of May at the Brisbane Arts Theatre