Bubble Wrap

nope. no holes. these things are pretty strong.
well, when you're not actively cutting through them with a scalpel.
i saved your life dude. you got lucky so quit whining.
i guess so. but we're not going to stay lucky for ever. one day these things will fail, and with them, so too will we.
you want to find some backup suits?
i want to cure
this virus.
my grandma always said an equal mix of port and whiskey,..

by Dan

I completed Bioshock. You know,.. the one where you've got the option to save the little girl and get 80 upgrade points, or 'harvest' the little girl and get 160 points.

I'm not generally very good at those games so I decided I need all the help I can get.

It started off a little unsavoury but by the end of the game I was delighting in the horror with ghoulish calls of "Eat the Little Girl".

All 'uncle' privileges have now been revoked.