Bubble Wrap

as the years progressed
your mothers memory faded
because of the gun he gave you
you came to idolize your father
much to your grandmothers disgust
not that she would ever have shown it
all was well until the police were once again at your door with their shiny metal bracelets
as i am sure you know wyatt
any good lie consists mainly of the truth
it is why we humanimals derive so much pleasure telling them
the knowledge that we can corrupt something so pure as the truth with so little effort on our part is quite intoxicating
are you gettin' off on this?
inappropriate interruption

by Goatlord

I always like that interrupting co-


He so sirry (0)_(0)

Speaking of inappropriate interruptions.

Anyhoo, that nuclear bomb thing yesterday was not actually describing any real event you silly billies who have been sitting in that cable repair van outside my house ... really.

Go home.


I'll leave the curtains open when I step out of the shower next time.

There we go.

Allah, Allah oxen free!