Bubble Wrap

i am disinterested in your ramblings, freak.
you will tell me where to find garry or-
of course
of course you are
my pappy would give me to the count of three before the steel capped boots would come off.
should i start counting?
i do not advise it
these suits were not designed with fisticuffs in mind
you would cause more damage to yourself than i and i do not believe you to wear embarrassment well
good for you
be your own man
don't pretend you know me.
but i do
i know you all
overly emotional tyler
lacking purpose
poor little penny
too caring for this apathetic world
kumar the child
easily controlled
garry the thug
completely at the mercy of his amygdala
and you wyatt
well played sir
you who have disguised yourself so very well

by Goatlord

{Insert emo whinge}