Bubble Wrap

you think you a playa, billy bob?
of course
excuse me?
in the game of life
we are all players
may i reveal to you a secret wyatt
you gonna tell me where garry at?
that is hardly a secret
then you won't mind disclosing his location.
i did not say that
then what?
i am a player
and i play to win

by Goatlord

Have I ever told you of my reoccurring dream?

It's all to do with a kiss.

It (the dream) began many, many years ago, possibly. I say "possibly" because, well because:

a) It's a fun word to say and
2) It's a fun word to spell and
thirdly) because it was the next word that came after "I say"

I say...

Anyway, I say "possibly" for the aforementioned reasons and because my mind has been likened to God.

It works in mysterious ways.

I, however, lie (frequently).
It's more a daydream than an honest to goodness, proper like dream.

I've been fired from a number of jobs in the past few years. I am here to tell you that the official reasons for my dismissals may have been incompetence and shaking down "randoms" ... yo
but the real reason is because I cannot escape this daydream.
Even now, I am caught up in my own un-reality.

I think I am therefore I am probably not.

So this kiss, awe to the some and the God in me says...