Bubble Wrap

kumar, it's important that i speak to penny as soon as possible.
you're going to tell me where she went and then you're going to spend a little time in the naughty corner contemplating what you did to make her so angry.
oh, we're back here are we?
the obvious answer is too difficult to wrap your brain around so it's all got to be kumar's fault.
i was just looking out for my good bud tyler but, whatever, it's your head she's going to cave in.
she stalked off towards the barn cursing like my old grandmother.
thank you kumar, now please-
i know, i know.
go and contemplate my stupid maleness.
no, i was going to say that you should stay away from wyatt for a while.
of course you were,
because you've suddenly developed a poncho for saying random things.

by Goatlord


Ever worked for a company who hired a mess o' new peoples to work an awesome "game changing" contract that they hadn't officially been awarded?
And never were.

Me neither.