Bubble Wrap

what did i do?!
penny may have a new found firearm fetish but i don't believe she would've started assaulting random passers by.
so, yes,
what did you do?
we were talking one minute then
oh no.
my suit, did she breach my suit?!
it looks fine kumar.
it's ok tyler,
you can tell me the truth.
ok, how many fingers am i holding up?
you'll be-
but these suits only have four fingers and i don't know how many you started with.

by Goatlord

New found firearm fetish.

Try saying that 146 times fast.

I finally conned someone into giving me a new job the other day (not as pathetic as you might think ... really).

At last, I'll be able to put to good use all those years of watching Sesame Street and playing video games.

I wonder if doing the creepy laugh after every count will get old quickly?

I say no.